Year: 2019


为何现在就是投资商业地产的 最佳时机-9个理由

“由于目前澳大利亚本地住宅物业市场正处于动荡的情势, 没人可以预测到未来几个月的市场走向。我们将在未来看到更多的相关市场报道, CBRE 墨尔本团队为您准备了这份资料以帮助您了解为何商业地产也许会是更适合您的投资项目。我们希望您可以仔细的阅读此文件并联系我们的代理团队来了解为何现在就是投资澳大利亚商业地产的最佳时机。” Mark Wizel CBRE 澳大利亚 全国总监 下载完整文件


什么是便利的价值? 根据2018年度Urbis购物中⼼报告指出,社区购物中⼼内的⼀个主⼒超市平均⽀撑有20.5 家各种不同的店铺。在每⼀个社区,这样的社区购物中⼼总有它的⼀席之地。因此,这种数量庞⼤的社区购物中⼼是澳洲零售产业投资最频繁交易的资产,在过去的⼗年间每⼗天就有⼀家转⼿。但投资者重视这类资产吗? 下载完整文件


Why now is the best time to buy a development site?

Amidst the backdrop of a stagnating residential and off-the-plan sales market coupled with political and lending uncertainty, transactions in the development site market have reduced significantly.  However, a closer look at the market fundamentals and key drives of the development process, create a highly compelling argument that it is an excellent time to be buying…


Sydney investor pays $47m for Coburg North Village

The prized Coburg North Village shopping centre has been snapped up by a Sydney based investor after an expressions of interest campaign which drew strong competition from local and off-shore buyers. The price, on a 4.7 per cent yield, represents a hefty premium on the previous sale in November 2016 when another private investor paid…

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