Mark has more than 10 years’ experience in Australia’s most dynamic commercial property market. He leads a core team of more than 50 specialist agents with a key focus on Melbourne’s premium development sites, retail assets and landmark CBD buildings.

Recently Mark and his team have been active in non-traditional asset classes, successfully transacting unique assets such as golf courses, wineries, and luxury property holdings.

Mark also possesses an unrivalled understanding of and commitment to the changing Asian buyer market. He and his team, since 2006, have transacted over $10 billion (AUD); with a significant amount to Singaporean, Hong Kong, Malaysian and mainland Chinese buyers. Coupled with a singular drive and passion, this record will see Mark remain at the forefront of the market.

Mark’s expertise and experience makes him an authority on Melbourne’s commercial property, and your key resource on the influence offshore and local capital has on Melbourne’s changing property landscape.