Australian Property Developers Association (APDA) Event

The APDA last week hosted some of the most reputable identities in Australian building & construction risk management to discuss issues faced by the industry.

Some 170+ attended this insightful seminar and networking event with reputable guest speakers, Mr Craig Smith, Director of Napier & Blakeley and Mr Julian Chai, Associate Director of Construction Risk Management at NAB.

“In this increasingly turbulent and uncertain times, we are, more than ever, mandated to keep a vigilant eye on risk management. Various macro and micro factors at play in our world today threaten to throw even the best laid plans and a great bottom line into serious jeopardy.

Whilst it is inevitable that we will be subject to influences beyond our control, caution requires us to keep firm grip of the levers within our reach. One of these more important levers is construction risk. I’m sure we are all aware of the recent spate of issues plaguing the construction sector, ranging from the much publicised combustible cladding crisis, numerous cases of post-completion structural defects and their subsequent impacts on construction costs and the wider development industry at present.

On the back of these issues, significant regulatory changes have been proposed which will undoubtedly impact the entire sector. As participants in the local development industry we believe it is critical that we keep well-informed on the extent of these changes.” APDA




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